3 Ways Tech Is Changing Washington (and One Way It Isn't)

February 28, 2013
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Government Executive

For Social Media Week DC, I participated in a panel that discussed how tech is changing the culture in the nation's capital. 

All of the panelists had interesting points and perspectives--espoused by Microsoft's Dr. Mark Drapeau, Carousel30's Greg Kihlstrom, and PageLever's Jesse Channon.  For my part, I talked about three ways in which tech is changing the culture, and one important way in which it isn't.  The three ways tech is changing DC is that it is breaking down silos, specifically:

  1. Operational silos: information about multiple streams of operations is now available to everyone within an organization, so everyone can participation in--and be responsible for--communications, HR, customer relations, and innovation.
  2. Time/location silos: depending on the organization, it is feasible for people to shift where and when they work.    
  3. Identity silos: whether people intend it or not, private lives, personal lives, and professional lives will mingle in ways and to a degree that they never have before. 

And how tech is not changing culture: even though tech is "democratizing information," making it accessible to nearly everyone, there will still be information specialists--digital researchers, journalists (and especially data journalists), and social media professionals will still be necessary in a world in which everyone has Google in their pocket, publishing platforms at their disposal, publicly-available data feeds, and how-to guides for using social media.

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