It isn't real, until it's on TV: Media and the water industry

Featuring interview with Carousel30 Principal and VP of Strategy Greg Kihlstr├Âm
February 1, 2013
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Journal AWWA

Carousel30 Principal and VP of Strategy Greg Kihlström was featured in the February 2013 American Water Works Association's Journal AWWA article "It isn't real, until it's on TV: Media and the water industry."

The piece details some of the challenges facing the water industry, and looks forward to the opportunities to engage the public in action and dialogues using new and entertainment media, such as online apps, movies and television.

In the interview, Kihlström detailed how Carousel30 approaches those same challenges when working on the "Don't Move Firewood" campaign for The Nature Conservancy. "Humor and entertainment value are important to grab attention, but you need to have a solid strategy to keep it going," he said. Referring to how digital media creates new opportunities thanks to its participatory nature, he said, "I see a tremendous potential to find out what people want and improve messaging across the board."

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