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An Intern's Perspective - Ally Akins

Ally Akins shares her summer at Carousel30.

As a marketing intern for Carousel30, I was responsible for many different types of tasks and general assistance that falls within the marketing department. My main focuses were assistance in content creation and content scheduling. For Carousel30 and some of our clients, I was in charge of scheduling approved content and helping to plan the editorial and social media calendars. This requires focus on the bigger picture and the overall marketing goals of the client, but also the day to day operations and actual implementation of these strategies and goals.  While working on these main tasks, I also was able to experience and assist other employees and departments with graphic design, business development, and market research.

Another big task I was responsible for was researching blog topics for our company blog and blogs that Carousel30 posts across other publication sites. Through this research I was able to learn a lot about different client areas and different aspects to the marketing industry. I really enjoyed being able to assist in these posts from start to finish, helping me hone in on my research, writing, and editing skills.  

One of my favorite aspects of the internship was the structure I found. It was easy to plan my days and work on a schedule to ensure I got everything done on time. It also made it easy for me to work on a broad range of items and tasks from supervisors because I had such an organized schedule. I also was given the option to create my own “intern project” so that I would have something I could continue work at over the course of my time here. I chose to work with Google AdWords, which has given me tools and resources I did not have before and I will take with me and use often as I explore more career paths.

The environment created at Carousel30 was enthusiastic, welcoming, and encouraging! I really enjoyed collaborating with all of my colleagues and it made it easy to get to know each other and our working styles. Working for a company that is experiencing such growth is exciting and captivating. As a marketing major, I worked on many things that I have learned and will learn more about as I continue my studies. Throughout different tasks, I’ve worked with strategy, planning, and implementation of marketing tactics that are widely used across the industry and will help me navigate jobs in the future. The freedom and responsibility I was given to complete such a broad range of important tasks was exciting and helped me gain confidence in my technical marketing skills, as well as my research skills. I loved that I was given responsibility which helped me work harder.

After completing this internship, I feel I have a good understanding of how digital marketing firms operate. I know what I enjoyed and what I didn't enjoy about this industry, and I can use this knowledge to better tailor a job to me in the future. It was a great summer of growth, exploration, and fun, and I look forward to seeing what's next from Carousel30.