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An Intern's Perspective - Liam McGowan

Liam McGowan shares his internship experiences and takeaways.

In my time at Carousel30, I have had the opportunity to both learn about the digital marketing industry and to obtain critical hands-on experience with a wide variety of its aspects. As the Business Development Intern, I was primarily responsible for researching prospective clients as well as helping to draft and manage current outgoing proposals. In this capacity, I had the privilege of working closely with Carousel30’s CEO Greg Khilström as well as our COO Danny Allen. This opportunity at Carousel30 has had the additional advantage of allowing me to both witness and contribute to a growing agency.

The majority of my time at Carousel30 was spent researching new business opportunities, as outlined by my managers. I helped to draft and compile information for different proposals and RFPs, and performed administrative tasks to streamline our client acquisition process. Additionally, I was able to help support our accounts and marketing team with various tasks.

One of the best aspects of this internship for me was the flexibility that Greg and his team were able to offer me in my time at Carousel30. As a varsity collegiate rower, I was able to easily balance early morning practices with my work schedule and other commitments.  However, far and the way the greatest experience that I had at Carousel30 was working with the team. Whether it was learning about the evils of the papyrus font from our senior designer or the proper rules of Jenga, the people at Carousel30 have taught me things I never really anticipated I’d learn in a normal internship. Working with each and every person was an absolute privilege, and I am deeply thankful to all of them for helping me have the best internship experience possible.

Though my undergraduate degree is in the field of Economics, a subject more commonly associated with banking than marketing, I found that the skills I have developed in school, including research as well as critical and logical thinking have been easily transferable to my work at Carousel30. I also applied the economic way of analysis and problem solving to many of the tasks I performed here. I was able to apply economic analysis to everything from analyzing RFPs to assistance in business development.  

I can say with complete confidence that I learned a great deal in my time working at Carousel30, and that I made memories that will last a lifetime. I am deeply grateful to the entire team at Carousel30 for supporting me throughout my internship, and I know for certain that they will be an agency to watch closely in the future.