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The Long View of Customer Experience

An Engagement Approach for Omni-Channel Marketers

Carousel30 is proud to announce "The Long View of Customer Experience: An Engagement Approach for Omni-channel Marketers," the latest in our series of white paper for digital marketers. Customer experience is a very important topic for any marketer to understand. This white paper is for digital marketers who are looking for a clear, concise way to talk about and address the relationship that their customers have both to their marketing-specific efforts as well as to the larger efforts of the organization as a whole.

A customer-centric view of organizations is not by any means a new thing, but often in our day-to-day job as marketers, we are focused on the immediate and short-term objectives. A long-view customer experience philosophy simply builds upon this by looking at the primary ways that our global audiences relate to our brands, our services and our products and finds ways to engage them in a natural, meaningful, and realistic way. We’re concerning ourselves here with genuine relationships and those that are appropriate to the degree to which a customer is engaged, or willing to be engaged, with our brand. This can sometimes be on a large scale, and at other times can be on a very micro scale, even one-to-one.

Written by Carousel30's Founder and CEO, Greg Kihlström, this white paper discusses several aspects of customer experience that marketers should understand, even if they are tasked with a specific set of tactics or channels. Understanding the long-view of customer experience will help any brand marketer think outside of their immediate tasks and responsibilities and look at the bigger picture. By doing this, it helps all marketing, advertising and communication efforts have more context, measurable goals, and ultimately have a much better chance of success over time.

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