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Our Connection to Places

White paper on location-based marketing for digital marketers

As digital marketers, we talk a lot about “mobile” -- devices, advertising, websites, you name it -- and we often talk about how consumers use these devices as they navigate the real world. Often, however, we are talking about the digital and physical worlds as two separate entities which occasionally overlap and sometimes intersect. What continues to happen is a convergence between the world we see on screens and the world we experience with our senses.

How do we create a deeper connection between consumers and the places that we market? In order to be most effective at this, we need to understand several key aspects of what make places unique and how people find a connection to them. The eBook discusses the following:

  • What is a place?
  • What are the ways that consumers feel a connection to a place?
  • How do we initiate and maintain that connection?
  • How does marketing and technology play a role?

To answer these questions, we wrote "Our Connection to Places: How technology enhances our relationships with physical space: for digital marketers." Written by our CEO, Greg Kihlström, and based on our experiences working with destination marketing, economic development, historic sites, retail establishments as well as other third party research, this eBook provides a perspective on place-based marketing that is aimed at connecting digital marketers with the audiences they desire.

The intended audience of this eBook is digital marketers -- not architects, planners, philosophers or social scientists! Thus, we may summarize some topics that, while truly deserving more in-depth discussion, cannot be treated with as much care and time as other professionals wish they might. Any of the books or articles referenced in the quotes and citations would be a great start if you want to do a deeper dive into the topic of places.

Download the Our Connection to Places eBook (PDF)