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Branding Considerations for your Web Design and Development Project

The 13th post in our series about website design and development for marketers

We continue our review of the important things you need to keep in mind when planning your organization’s new website design and development project with a discussion of your brand and how it will be translated to your new website.

Your organization’s website is a key aspect of your brand, and ensuring that it captures the essence of your brand’s voice is critical to the success of your project.

Is it a rebranding?

Many times, a new website coincides with rolling out a new brand. If this is the case, your website redesign can contribute some key way to illustrate the reinvention of your corporate branding. Consider this when planning your brand rollout.

If you are working with a different agency or team on your rebranding effort than the one who will be undertaking your web design and development, it is especially important that you make sure the branding agency is sharing information throughout the process to keep things on track. You don’t want your web agency to start down the wrong path.

Staying True to Your Current Brand

If you are not rolling out a new brand, you then have the challenge of making sure you stay consistent with the current branding in place. More likely than not, you have a strong set of brand guidelines in place, and the website needs to make sure they are interpreted properly.

If your brand guidelines are not as comprehensive as some might be, you will need to do some additional interpretation, but it’s still important you maintain consistency. Don’t make the mistake of trying something too far off your current guidelines and thus doing an unintentional rebranding.

Maintaining Consistency

Finally, remember that branding goes well beyond logos, colors and fonts. Maintain consistency with your terminology and formatting of things like buttons and highlights. For instance, if your website offers the ability to sign up or register, what term will you use that is “on brand” for your organization? Whatever it is, make sure that it stays consistent throughout the site. Little things like this make a big difference, and help reinforce your brand throughout your users’ experience.


Your website is a powerful extension of your brand, so it’s important to make sure that you take the necessary steps to convey it properly when unveiling your new site.

Our next post will discuss the design aspect of your new website, and how to make sure the design accomplishes what you need.