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Carousel30’s is Now Yes&

We are now Yes& - a performance-driven marketing agency

I’m excited to announce an important new step in the evolution of Carousel30. Over the last 14 years, with your help, we’ve grown to become one of the top digital agencies in the Washington, DC metro region and worked with top national brands. As of today, we’ve now merged with three other top agencies to become Yes& - an agency with the breadth and depth of strategic, marketing, creative and technical capabilities to help clients in a way never before possible.

Together with PCI Communications, and Leapfrog Solutions, and under the leadership of CEO Bob Sprague, we have formed Yes&. I’m proud to lead digital at this new agency, and build on the strategy, marketing, technology, and analytics capabilities that have established Carousel30 as a leader in our space. With the continuing evolution of customer experience in our device- and channel-agnostic world, the holistic approach to performance-driven marketing of Yes& means that we now have the expertise and capabilities to reach our clients’ customers wherever they are.

“Yes &” comes from a tenet of improvisation that captures its agility, creativity, camaraderie, and tenacity – you take whatever comes at you, and you add to it.  This is the approach I’ve always believed in, and it’s great to find a group of like-minded individuals that share the philosophy that there is always room to make things better, and that through an agile approach and a collaborative mindset, greatness can be achieved.

I’m so thankful for your partnership, your business, and your support of Carousel30 over the last 14 years.  Let’s forge a new path as we define the future of marketing together.