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The Nature Conservancy

Nonprofit campaign branding, digital marketing, website design and development, and email marketing for a national awareness campaign

Carousel30 has worked with the Don’t Move Firewood campaign since its inception to increase national awareness and elicit behavioral change through website design and development, social media marketing campaigns, collateral material development, advertising and public relations.

Don’t Move Firewood is a non-profit campaign created as part of The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to support the Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases. Don’t Move Firewood’s mission is to communicate the dangers of moving firewood, which can transport invasive insects and diseases. As invasive insects and diseases spread to new areas, America’s trees and forests are being destroyed. The campaign’s goal is to create positive dialogue and action around the issue.

The objective of The Nature Conservancy’s Don’t Move Firewood Campaign is to educate the public about the dangers of moving firewood. When firewood is moved long distances, invasive insects and diseases that have killed thousands of trees across the country are transported and the makeup of not only our national parks but also urban and suburban areas is threatened.

Carousel30 was tasked with helping the Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases work toward accomplishing its mission of cultivating and catalyzing collaborative action among diverse interests to abate the threat to North American forests from non-native insects and diseases.

Steps Taken
Following focus group research, which determined people responded best to imagery and messaging about how these issues affect trees, Carousel30 worked with The Nature Conservancy to develop a national campaign which includes:

  • Branding, graphic design and illustration for Web, print and video
  • Digital strategy
  • Collateral materials in conjunction with state agencies and organizations
  • Website that features a document library with advance search capabilities, a Gallery of Pests, a gas calculator, blogging and an interactive map
  • Custom graphics generator
  • Shred a Pest game
  • Facebook application games including Bug Match and the ALB Match
  • Animated video
  • Podcasts of feature film and video shorts and integration with iTunes Podcast Directory
  • Campaigns such as “That’s What Tree Said” and Winter Sports
  • Social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare and Google+
  • Print and Web advertisements and media buying
  • Media relations with placements in Backpacker Magazine, Berkshire Eagle and NPR
  • PSA pro bono placement outreach
  • Film promotion through DVD case design, film festivals, YouTube’s Nonprofit Program and social media

Measuring Success
An estimated 8 million people have been exposed to the Don’t Move Firewood message through the nonprofit organization's website, print collateral posted in national parks and advertisements in magazines and e-newsletters. Based on the focus group research conducted before the launch of the campaign, we have helped to execute a campaign that is not only winning over the general public, but is embraced by state and federal agencies.

A 2010 national public survey found several key data points that prove the awareness needle is moving and behavioral change is occurring. There has been a 6% increase in awareness of the problem nationally, a 21% increase in awareness in the Northwest and Midwest of the Don’t Move Firewood message, and a 13% decrease in firewood movement in America.

The campaign has received coverage in several publications:

  • Advertising Age
  • HarperCollins’ “Design for the Greater Good”
  • Web Designer Magazine
  • NPR
  • Backpacker Magazine
  • Washington Post
  • Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Awards for the campaign include:

  • 2008 Visionary Award from Summit Emerging Media Awards
  • 2008 Award for Excellence in Web Design
  • 2008 W3 Award  
  • 2009 ADDY Award
  • 2009 Silver Davey Award
  • 2009 W3 Award
  • 2010 WebAward for Standard in Excellence
  • 2010 Silver Davey Award

Film Festival Honors

  • 2009 International Wildlife Film Festival Award
  • 2010 Boston Film Festival
  • 2010 Yosemite Film Festival’s El Capitan Award
  • 2010 Montana CINE International Film Festival
  • 2010 Colorado Environmental Film Festival
  • 2011 Downtown Boca Film Festival
  • 2011 Urban Forest Film Festival
  • 2011 Creative Arts Film Festival
  • 2011 Oregon Film Festival Gold Award
  • 2011 Yosemite Film Festival Silver Sierra Award
  • 2012 Wet Your Pants Film Festival
Case Study Results: 
  • 6% Increase in national awareness
  • 13% Decrease in firewood movement nationally
  • 54% Increase in annual website visitors
Case Study Awards: 
Press Coverage: 
  • Advertising Age
  • HarperCollins’ “Design for the Greater Good”
  • Web Designer Magazine
  • NPR
  • Backpacker Magazine
  • Washington Post
  • Martha Stewart Living Magazine
  • Washington Business Journal