Feb 21, 2014 by Beth Nelan

Facebook cracked open its wallet and forked out a huge $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp. It’s a move that has the industry talking, because financially speaking, it’s just not worth that.

Feb 14, 2014 by Beth Nelan

Nothing was bigger in digital news this week than the devastating end of Flappy Bird. In a move that caused chaos worldwide, Flappy Birds creator Dong Nguyen pulled the app from the app stores.

Feb 07, 2014 by Beth Nelan

Despite Twitter reporting strong profits, the quarterly report released this week shows a distinct slowing of user growth. And with a dramatic 12 percent drop in stock, the platform could be headed for a troubled year.

Jan 31, 2014 by Beth Nelan

The ad event of the year is almost upon us, though we all know that the battle for Super Bowl ad supremacy began weeks ago, with the major brands fighting it out online.

Jan 24, 2014 by Beth Nelan

One social campaign making headlines this week comes from Oscar Mayer. Customers can enter via Twitter for the chance to have the iconic Wienermobile at their beck and call for a day. The winner will also receive some cash—but let’s be honest, it’s all about leasing the Wienermobile.

Jan 17, 2014 by Beth Nelan

Facebook has taken another leaf out of Twitter’s book with the ‘Trending” feature (coming soon to a News Feed near you). In an attempt to navigate toward a more news-friendly format, the feature will showcase popular topics on Facebook.

Jan 15, 2014 by Carousel30

Team Carousel30 created the World War II Memorial app, ideal for tourists visiting the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The app provides details on the history of World War II and insights on the meaning behind many aspects of the Memorial.

Jan 13, 2014 by Greg Kihlström

A content strategy is important for any marketing effort. But developing a content strategy for international marketing efforts has some unique challenges.

Jan 10, 2014 by Carousel30

The new year is here and with it comes a host of new digital marketing services, trends and updates.

Jan 07, 2014 by Carousel30

Officers elected to serve in 2014 are Greg Kihlström of Carousel30 as president and Anuj Vedak as vice president. Lynn Osborne of Ad Management Insights and Debbie Kaplan of &pizza were re-elected as treasurer and secretary, respectively.