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Using Tracking Technology: Monitoring Behavior, Action and ROI

by Greg Kihlström, Chief Strategy Officer

The Convergence of Marketing, PR and Customer Service

From a simple website with Google Analytics installed, to a complex e-commerce website with CRM integration, and marketing automation, we are able to learn a lot about consumers’ buying behavior and path to purchase when the majority of the activity takes place solely online. 

This approach becomes much more difficult when spanning both online and offline channels. The more the actions lie in the offline world, the more complex this can become. As we’ll discuss later, this is due to the difficulty of finding a mechanism to tie these unique events and actions together. The need for tracking, though, is obvious. When we understand our customers and can understand the effectiveness of our marketing channels, we create an optimal user experience that results in maximum customer satisfaction and sales.

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Optimizing for the Mobile User Experience: When to use responsive design, mobile websites and mobile apps

by Greg Kihlström, VP of Strategy and Giuseppe Carabelli, Creative Director

The Convergence of Marketing, PR and Customer ServiceWith tablet sales outpacing laptops and mobile usage continually on the rise, there’s no question that how your brand addresses the mobile user experience can make a huge impact on your business.

There are three primary ways to address the mobile user experience, each with pros and cons that might make it the best (or the worst) solution for your brand. This white paper reviews the those and the cost-effectiveness, limitations, and design benefits or challenges unique to each of them. It walks through how to choose the best option for your brand in order to increase mobile views, conversions, repeat usage, and other important goals associated with your Web assets and the user experiences you provide. This white paper will show you how to determine which solution is the best fit for your needs, make the best investment, and most importantly, provide your users with the best experience when visiting your site – no matter what device they use..
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Introduction to Big Data for Digital Marketers

by Greg Kihlström, VP of Strategy

The Convergence of Marketing, PR and Customer ServiceIt’s hard to read a blog, pick up a magazine, or have a conversation about business these days without the term “Big Data” coming up in some form or another. What it is exactly and how it relates to you as a digital marketer can be harder to determine. The purpose of this white paper is to talk about Big Data in terms that relate to marketing and advertising, and more specifically that relate to the digital marketer. There is much more information (or data, if you will) on this subject than this white paper allows, but the objective is to encourage further research and discovery on the areas of the subject that are most relevant to you and your current challenges within your organization or company.

Many of the references cited within this white paper provide deeper insights into specific aspects and we recommend reading them in their entirety, especially when they refer to areas of interest to you. We hope that this provides a good introduction to Big Data and is the beginning of a new step in the sophistication of your digital marketing and advertising efforts.
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The Convergence of Marketing, PR and Customer Service
by Greg Kihlström, VP of Strategy
and Kaitlin Carpenter
, Marketing Associate

The Convergence of Marketing, PR and Customer ServiceA paradigm shift has been happening in the world of corporate communications for many years now. For a variety of reasons, the convergence of marketing and public relations is well documented and much discussed. This white paper adds another dimension to that discussion, which is equally important to any enterprise organization: customer service.

The white paper places this PR/marketing convergence in context with the growing need for organizations to take customer service, including idea generation, feedback and complaints, into account when planning communication strategies and internal communication structure. This white paper also aims to get a conversation started about how best to do this on both the enterprise and the small and medium-sized business level. The best examples of this type of integration are yet to come, but the hope is that by furthering the conversation we will see continued innovation.
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Social Search for Hospitality and Tourism
by Greg Kihlström, VP of Strategy

Creating a Digital Strategy for NonprofitsWhile the term began to pop up in 2004, social search didn’t really affect anyone until around 2008, when Google first began displaying Twitter posts in its search results. Since then, a number of developments have taken place along with the expected consumer backlash when new features are rolled out on popular platforms, but it seems that social search is here to stay.

Social search incorporates the next evolution of context to a user’s search engine results. This takes into account the social activity related to pieces of content, whether that is in the user’s immediate social network or simply the social popularity of content (based on the number of +1’s or Facebook Likes). Its goal is to add a layer of social relevance that is unique to each user who performs a search. In a way, it is similar to a recommendation engine like Netflix or Amazon, except that it spans the entirety of the Web.
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Creating a Digital Strategy for Nonprofits
by Greg Kihlström, VP of Digital Strategy

Creating a Digital Strategy for NonprofitsBuilt upon our years of experience, this guide walks you through an easy-to-follow, 7-step process for creating the building blocks of a digital strategy for nonprofits. It’s a useful tool for any company or organization whose communications or online presences need a solid foundation and course of action, or even those who might just need to refine their existing approach.

This includes both parts of a two-part guide written by our VP of Digital Strategy Greg Kihlström. It is designed to help nonprofits – large and small – to create their own digital strategy from scratch and rethink the relationship between the properties and tactics they are currently being used in terms of their appeal to key audiences, measurable results, and alignment with key organizational goals.
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