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Web Design Considerations for Your Redesign Project

Part 14 in our series on website design and development for digital marketers

We continue our review of the important things you need to keep in mind when planning your organization’s new website design and development project with a discussion of the graphic design portion of your new site.

We’ve talked a lot about some of the more technical aspects of a web design and development project, but now we’re going to follow our discussion of branding with some things you should keep in mind from a design perspective.

Web design is a constantly evolving discipline that must adapt consistently as technological advances occur in related areas such as:

  • Screen sizes

  • Popular web browsers

  • Device sizes

  • Trends in support of plug-ins or open standards

  • and many other things

Marrying the support of some of these technical requirements and/or limitations with great aesthetics is the job of a web designer and what your web agency’s creative team will take on.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as a marketer:


Make sure that you are getting several concepts to review from your design team. Make sure there are at least 2 variations you’ll be able to look at, and make sure you are clear with your agency that you’d like them to be very different than one another. You should also be able to request that 2 different designers or design teams within your agency provide the designs. Keep in mind the way decisions are made as you structure the revision process for the concepts as well.

A good set of brand guidelines, a well-crafted creative brief and a strong research process will make sure that your agency gives you some concepts that are in line with what you are expecting.

Page Design

Once you are settled on an overall creative concept, you’ll focus on individual page designs. Remember here, that a proper user experience process will include the wireframes and information architecture portions that will help to shape the design of your pages. Between user experience, branding, and overall concept design, your page designs will take shape.


We discussed this in a little more depth under the mobile approach discussion earlier. The thing we wanted to draw attention to here is how the page looks on a mobile device. Make sure that you don’t compromise the design of your pages for smaller devices, as the growth of mobile traffic is not able to be ignored any longer.

Assuming your approach to your new web design and development project includes a responsive design, you will want to make sure your site looks good on a variety of device and screen sizes. Make sure your web design agency is leading you through this process.


Although there are many other aspects of your new website, the page design is such an important “face” for this important marketing channel. Make sure you are keeping in mind the factors that help you to plan for this important phase in your project.

Our next post will discuss content management and the important factors to consider during your web design and development project.