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International Franchise Association

Web Design and Development

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Client:International Franchise Association

Capabilities:Web Design & Development

Link:IFA Website

The International Franchise Association protects and promotes franchising through connecting franchisors, franchisees, and the vendors and suppliers who serve the industry. Through events, advocacy and a website that is geared towards making connections connecting members with one another, the organization is the leading franchise industry association. To continue building success and playing a powerful role in this important type of entrepreneurship, the International Franchise Association was looking to build a website that could meet the organization’s mission and further its efforts in enhancing the franchise industry.


Connecting franchisors and franchisees.

The challenge

To meet IFA’s mission and goals of connecting all players within the franchise industry, the organization reached out to Carousel30 with a request for a website design and development project. IFA’s primary goals were to provide a platform that gave visibility and robust searching and display capabilities to its franchisors and suppliers to interested franchisees. Carousel30 was tasked with creating a website that was not only mobile responsive, as IFA’s membership was following the overall trend of increased consumption on smartphones and tablet devices, but also able to offer a sophisticated multi-tier display of banner advertising, search results displayed by sponsorship tiers and a content marketing management system that made it all easy to manage.


Using digital capabilities to connect people.

The process

Carousel30 created several websites for IFA using a Drupal multi-site configuration, which was created on the Acquia Enterprise hosting platform. To meet the organization’s goal of providing sponsorship opportunities to its franchisor and supplier members, Google’s DoubleClick platform was implemented and complemented by a tiered sponsorship program that ensured relevant ads were targeted to primary audiences throughout the website. A robust searching and comparison tool was also introduced to help potential franchisees find best fit franchise opportunities through an extensive set of search criteria which utilized integration with the organization’s Aptify CRM. This specific tool provides franchisees the ability to choose and compare up to five franchises and select either a quick comparison, or a more robust one that provides several more levels of detail.


A more meaningful and effective website.

The solution

The Acquia Drupal hosting platform provided the new website with stability, scalability, and a robust development and deployment environment that matched the flexibility and growth that the International Franchise Association was seeing. The multi-site configuration provided IFA the ability to host several distinct websites all on a single codebase, paving the way for more expansion and possibilities. Furthermore, the franchise comparison tool continues to provide site visitors with yet another way to get valuable information about an important business investment which is unique in the industry.