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Capabilities:Web Design & Development, Google AdWords Advertising, Search Engine Marketing

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The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program, founded by Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (formerly USA Today Charitable Foundation), Lift a Life Foundation and Yum! Brands Foundation, was created to teach students the importance of leadership while working to solve community-specific issues through new and innovative solutions. Based the leadership ideas expressed in the book, Taking People With You—written by Yum! Brands’ retired Chairman and CEO, David Novak—the program features lesson plans aimed at teaching middle and high school students the leadership skills needed to be successful in their careers while allowing them the opportunity to serve their community through project-based activities. With a program that supports school, organization, and service learning requirements, Lead2Feed was in search of an agency that could provide a scalable website built on best practices which could serve as a complementary platform for advertising and events marketing to further spread awareness of the program, as well as improve engagement with registered members.


Position Lead2Feed as a leading student program in the US.

The challenge

Being a relatively new organization, Lead2Feed was challenged with creating a website that would appeal to both professional and young audiences while providing the functionality needed to accommodate the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program, its resources, and the Lead2Feed Challenge. With a desire to host a digital program online that schools and organizations could participate in, Lead2Feed needed a platform and strategy that would reach their awareness, registration, and participation goals.


Digital strategy implementation to promote the brand nationally.

The process

With an understanding that the Lead2Feed program was only going to grow throughout the years, a flexible and scalable website was developed that that accounted for design, user experience, and functionality that would help both registered and non-registered users achieve different goals. To complement the website project, Carousel30 also assisted Lead2Feed in receiving the Google AdWords Grant to utilize up to $10,000 monthly to promote the organization by means of Standard Advertising. The goal of creating a seamless strategy was fulfilled by spanning work between all mediums and channels supported by Lead2Feed. From placing advertisements within USA Today’s print and digital editions to creating a website registration process that allows for better communication between Lead2Feed and its audience, Carousel30 helped the program streamline processes and promote the program to its target audiences throughout the United States.


Strong brand presence used to promote online and offline activities.

The solution

In becoming familiar with the Lead2feed brand and its purpose through the website project, Carousel30 has since then assisted Lead2Feed in implementing a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing strategy that aims to increases awareness amongst the target audience through organic and paid efforts. Since the launch of AdWords, the Campaign has seen a steady increase in Impressions and Interaction Rate, with a marked performance benchmark of roughly 8,000 impressions daily alongside an average 3-5% click-through-rate monthly. Through Carousel30’s work with Lead2Feed, the program now reaches all 50 states and its number of participants continues to grow at a rapidly increasing pace each year.