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National Insurance Client

BI / Analytics Dashboards

Client:National Insurance Client

Capabilities:Marketing, Digital

A national insurance company contacted Carousel30 to get assistance with its Tableau reporting tool. The marketing team wanted to have a comprehensive view of analytics across its website, email marketing, social media, PR and customer survey tool. While some of its existing tools gave a view through a single channel, the insurance company wanted a streamlined way to view the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across these channels.


Unify analytics from across the organization.

The challenge

Carousel30 first worked with the organization to identify and outline the reporting views that would be needed in order to make informed decisions across the various marketing channels the insurance company's team worked with. This would involve website, CRM, email, survey tool, and internal database integration through a customized ETL process that Carousel30 would develop. We also designed 12 unique interactive dashboards that would be used by the insurance company's marketing team.


Analyze and determine the best ways to measure and report on marketing effectiveness.

The process

Carousel30 worked with the national insurance client to analyze the types of marketing that were being performed and the best way to illustrate its effectiveness. This included the frequency, comparison ranges, and the individual metrics which would be displayed. Because this tool would be used both within the marketing department and ultimately shared with external teams, we wanted to make sure that there was a great degree of flexibility in the visuals and display. While internal teams may want more details, the external teams wanted to see more summarized displays of information.

analytics reporting dashboard

A flexible, easy to manage reporting tool.

The solution

The resulting communications dashboards provided the insurance company's marketing team with the insights they needed to make more informed decisions, and also provided a more streamlined way to share this information with others within the organization. The flexibility to add new data sources means that the platform will grow with the organization over time.