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Infographic, Video and Web Design



Capabilities:Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Development

Link:NCBA Website

The National Cooperative Business Association, CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) is the international organization representing cooperative businesses. Founded in 1916, the NCBA CLUSA began as the Cooperative League of America until it was renamed the Cooperative League of the USA (CLUSA) in 1922, and then rebranded as NCBA in 1985. Today, now known as NCBA CLUSA, they are the oldest not-for-profit cooperative development and trade association in the United States, fostering cooperative and international economic and social development in the United States and abroad.


Create marketing material suitable for NCBA CLUSA.

The challenge

In 2016, the NCBA CLUSA celebrated their 100th year anniversary, and they came to us looking for ways to promote their milestobne. Our goal was to remain true to NCBA CLUSA's mission while creating dynamic and engaging materials for their content marketing strategy. Together, we hatched the idea of a microsite, in order commemorate the organization and educate users on the 100 years of work that the NCBA CLUSA has done.


Commemorating 100 years of service.

The process

We worked with NCBA CLUSA, the international organization representing cooperative businesses, to create a campaign microsite and infographic celebrating their 100-year history, and the many achievements they have been a part of. Carousel30's work is part of a year-long campaign highlighting the contributions of co-ops to the economy, and also the diversity of industries and types of business that they comprise.


Highlighting their work.

The solution

The campaign materials we created are part of a year-long content marketing strategy that Carousel30 continues to support. The microsite allowed the NCBA CLUSA to celebrate all of the amazing they have done over the last century, while allowing users to join in on the celebration and educate themselves on the beneficial things that the NCBA CLUSA has done for businesses since they began their operations. .