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Pan American Health Organization

Web Design and Development



Capabilities:Web Design & Development


The Pan American Health Organization, affiliated with United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), has a unique role in supporting public health initiatives in the Americas. While it has play a key role in countless initiatives in controlling disease and educating the public, the PAHO website was in need of a redesigned look and user experience in order to present key information to its constituents in a more straightforward manner.


Create a more clearly defined strategy.

The challenge

Carousel30 were brought in to help identify the organization’s key user experience challenges with the current website, and to design an interface that strengthened the PAHO brand, while allowing its key initiatives and other areas of the website to be easily found. It was also important that the website be accessible and easy to use on both mobile and desktop devices, as many of its key stakeholders used smartphones as a primary way of accessing the Web.


Start from square one and build back up.

The process

Working with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carousel30 designed several key pages for the new website, including the homepage, issues page and programs page. Utilizing a modern design approach using a mobile responsive design, we helped to organize content in a way that is intuitive and adaptable to multiple screen sizes.


Revitalize the brand and it’s message.

The solution

The work was done in coordination with the PAHO website team, with Carousel30 handling design and front-end coding responsibilities and the PAHO team integrating the designs into their CMS-enabled website. The new website provides a more intuitive experience for those interacting with the site's large amount of content.