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Branding, Marketing, Web Design

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Capabilities:Web Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design


Masseria, a fine dining establishment which recently earned its first Michelin star, has allowed us to demonstrate our passion for connecting people to places. Since launching Masseria’s website in August 2015 and developing the brand through creative collateral, social media, and event marketing since then, Carousel30 has played an integral part in Masseria’s online presence. “As DC’s restaurant reputation continues to grow, we are proud of our contribution to marketing an excellent new addition to the scene,” said CEO Greg Kihlström.


Bring awareness to the newly-established restaurant.

The challenge

In establishing a brand in one of the most competitive industries, Masseria was looking for a way to bring awareness and increase interest amongst potential diners of the restaurant within the Washington, D.C. area. With no digital presence prior to the launch of the restaurant, Carousel30 was provided the opportunity to conduct market research and create strategies for the brand on- and offline to connect diners with the restaurant and its story through multiple platforms and tactics. To accomplish the goal of increasing awareness, a website was created that reflected the characteristics of the restaurant in a digital format, a social presence was established to increase user engagement, and creative and event marketing efforts were implemented to further lure the audience into the restaurant.


Creation of a marketing strategy that reflected the characteristics of the brand.

The process

Carousel30 worked closely with Masseria to create a website that combines the restaurant’s clean aesthetic with a functional site that recreates the restaurant’s relaxed, open-air aura in a digital format. The new website design included features that allow users to view menus, make reservations, and learn more about the history and culinary vision of Masseria at ease. Masseria's website project translated to larger social media and event marketing efforts which has created a high amount of engagement with diners, and has produced large exposure for the brand through the use of the “Masseria Moments” campaign which aims to showcase the unique cuisine and story behind the brand. Other creative efforts such as the development of a collateral collection which included an Introductory Book, Check Presenter, Comments Cards, and Poster series has assisted Masseria in providing “Masseria Moments” to diners before, during and after their experience at the restaurant.


Streamlined consumer-first digital strategy that complements the brand and its story.

The solution

As an agency that understands how to connect people with places, our work with Masseria allows us to take a creative approach to creating what are referred to as "Masseria Moments." Each piece created for the restaurant showcases one or more unique aspects of the story behind the brand, the space the restaurant occupies, and the creativity in its approach. The results of our work with Masseria have been overwhelmingly positive, as the website continues to provide a platform for diners to easily book reservations, and Masseria’s social media and event marketing efforts have been successful with the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts seeing significant increases in followers and engagement rate year-over-year.