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Trust for the National Mall

Branding, Marketing & Digital

Trust for the National Mall Logo

Client:Trust for the National Mall

Capabilities:Marketing, Digital

Link:Trust for the National Mall Website

The Trust for the National Mall was founded in 2007 as the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. Its main goal and vision is to restore, improve, and preserve the National Mall in Washington, DC. The primary objective for all of the Trust’s projects is to educate the public about the dire need to upkeep and repair the grounds, monuments and memorials that make up the National Mall and Memorial Parks. As the digital agency on record, Carousel30 also looked to help raise public funds to help restore this historic symbol to its former glory.


Create a new brand and educate the public about the problem.

The challenge

Carousel30 started working with the Trust shortly after it was founded. In collaboration with the Trust, Carousel30 was tasked with managing direction, technology, user interface creative, and digital marketing across the brand's website, mobile offerings, social media presences, online advertising, and more. While millions of tourists visit the National Mall in Washington DC every year, very few were aware of the many issues facing this important place due to years of lack of federal funding.


Build a digital presence for partnerships and donations.

The process

Carousel30 worked to develop a web presence and social media presence that communicated its message and objectives. Based on the ever-changing technological landscape, Carousel30 recommended an evolving digital strategy married with a website built with a Drupal Content Management System that supported a donations system integrated with Blackbaud’s Fundraising software that allows streamlined constituent communications between a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. These tactics combined resulted in a highly targeted messaging and tactics campaign across the Trust’s entire fundraising program. One of the most popular elements of the website we created is an interactive map featuring all of the historic sites on the National Mall. Scrolling over the map reveals photographs and more information about each site to help users see the damaged areas that need to be restored.


Raise awareness and build strong partnerships.

The solution

Several different fundraising tactics in addition to the website and social media campaigns were started on behalf of the Trust. Carousel30 conducted periodic online campaigns throughout the 2009 inauguration year to grow the Trust’s supporter base, using email marketing and online advertising to support the social media and website messaging. One of our most notable campaigns was 2010’s Rally to Restore Sanity, a gathering on the National Mall led by Jon Stewart, former host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” and Stephen Colbert, former host of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” which was attended by over 215,000 and watched by live broadcast by over 2 million. The Trust was the official charity of the Rally and raised over $500,000 in 30 days. Carousel30 led the online campaign for this fundraising effort, which landed us a presenting spot at the 2011 Internet Week New York conference. Much of our work with the Trust has received local and national media coverage by sources such as the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and CNN. The website statistics boasted over 1,000% increase in website visitors compared to the prior month of the Rally. There was an increase of 92% of Facebook followers, 483% increase in donations compared to the previous year.